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Grupo Ambipar expands and creates a certification company

A Ambipar Certification é a única empresa creditada pelo INMETRO com escopo de certificação para gestão de resíduos com práticas de aterro zero e economia circular no Brasil


Reinvesting in expanding its business, the Ambipar Group launched Ambipar Certification last week. Specializing in certification services, the new company will conduct evaluation activities in several areas in different types of schemes for products, services and processes to verify compliance and compliance with legal norms and requirements.

Qualified as a Certification Body (OCP) by the National Institute of Metrology (INMETRO), Ambipar Certification will grant the Green Seal. The certification will indicate that a specific company has complied with the legislation, including the National Solid Waste Policy (PNRS) requirements, and may have waste recovery and round economy practices, thus adding more value to the business.

“Increasingly, institutions seek to improve their processes. This path is critical when we think, for example, of the waste issue and the transformations that should take place more strongly over the next few years.

In this sense, Ambipar Certification collaborates with companies committed to protecting the environment and complying with environmental laws”, said Elaine Cristina Moreira, Technical Director of Ambipar Certification. Titan Pneus, an Ambipar customer for over 15 years, will be the first company to receive the Green Seal.

Starting the process in May 2022, with an audit carried out by a Green Seal pilot and confirmed by the INMETRO evaluator and specialist.

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