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Multiplan prepares a new shopping centre in Rio and creates a lavish neighbourhood in Porto Alegre

Source: Poder 360

The Multiplan Group is optimistic about the recovery of the real estate sector and on-site commerce in Brazil. The company will open its 20th shopping centre in the country, on the west side of Rio de Janeiro. In the southern tip of the country, in Porto Alegre (RS), the company built a luxury neighbourhood with an estimated capital turnover of R$ 3.5 billion in sales.

The new shopping centre in Rio de Janeiro, ParkJacarepaguá, results from an investment of R$800 million by Multiplan. With the tenants' capital, the total must exceed R$1 billion. There are 4,000 direct and 4,000 indirect jobs created in the region. The project's target audience is the 800,000 inhabitants of the surroundings, mainly residents of Jacarepaguá, Campo Grande, Recreio and Barra da Tijuca.

The opening event will be on November 18th at 7:30 pm. The next day the mall will be open to the public.To attract customers to the 249 stores that will open, Multiplan earmarked R$25 million for improvement works around the site. Road duplications, traffic lights and public lighting were modernized, and the bus terminal next to the development was remodelled, including new compartments and shelter for passengers. Flowerbeds gained new landscaping.

The company launches the new venture as a multipurpose centre. Unlike part of North Americans, Brazilian consumers still like to frequent this type of space. Here, the shopping centre is seen as a safe place to walk with families, find services (automatic banks, minor repairs to clothes, etc.), personal and work meetings. The equipment is much more than a consumption centre.

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